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CMDF Annual Dinner 2009

by Ms Jacqueline Tan
Date: 14-Nov-09 Saturday

It wasn't just the professionals who packed the function hall at Kent Ridge Guild House on the evening of Nov 14. Joining in the feast and fellowship, too, were the medical and nursing students. Heartened to see the students show up in support of the dinner event, Chairman Dr Goh Wei Leong acknowledged their presence in his opening speech.

But whether one is a specialist, GP, dentist or a student in his first or last year at med school, it was their "high calling" to God that CMDF's Chaplain, Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn reminded the Christian medical fraternity to think about. What is this calling? "To develop the head and the heart, and be responsible Christians who represent Christ to our patients with competence and compassion."

Mercy Ministries leader, Dr Tan Hun Hoe's sharing resonated with Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn's message about responding to the calling. Tying in with the work that was done in the recent Manila floods and Padang earthquake, Dr Tan shared about the need for a Disaster Casualty Station (DSC) at disaster sites in the neighbouring countries. The DSC calls not just for medicine and equipment to be ready, but doctors and nurses who are willing to go at short notice to render medical aid.

Medical ethics was also a hot topic that evening. In light of the Medical Ethics Seminar next year, guest speaker Professor Alistair V Campbell elaborated on why saying "yes" is just as important as a "no". For example, saying "no" to organ trading as it's exploitative and our organs are not property for sale.

On a “lighter” note, Dr Ranjana Acharya, a Nepali who's been in Singapore for nine years shared about the joy she finds as a volunteer at HealthServe clinic. While she can relate to the fears and insecurities of her patients who are mostly South Asian and Chinese migrant workers, she also finds HealthServe a place where she can unwind and actually has the time to smile at her patients and even pray for them on some occasions.