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CMDF Medical Prayer Meeting

by Dr. Goh Siew Hor
Date: 2-Jul-09 Thursday

The importance of prayer was driven home at CMDF’s first Prayer Fellowship meeting on the evening of July 2. Members of the new leadership team, representatives from Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCF) and Campus Crusade were part of the prayer meeting.

Dr. Goh Wei Leong led us through a time of reflection, thanksgiving and prayer. Based on Ps 47, he reflected on commemorating the past, celebrating the present and anticipating the future of the CMDF. We looked back with gratitude as senior members recounted how CMDF grew from three to what it is today. Many ongoing and new initiatives were also shared. And there was a sense of excitement just knowing what God can do through us when we choose to humble ourselves and seek His face.

As the new leadership team works toward addressing complex medical ethic issues and Christian witness at the workplace, we believe praying together becomes even more crucial. It is through the posture of prayer that we acknowledge our incapacity to act apart from His strength and guidance. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey of prayer with us!