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Connecting the Mission Potentials

by Ms. Shirley Lee
Date: 4-Jul-09 Saturday

Different journeys, different stories to tell; yet, all with the desire to finally hear the Lord say, “well done, my good and faithful child”.

At a farewell dinner for Dr. Jeffrey, Dr. Wei Leong also used the opportunity to connect the mission potentials with the missionaries.

Says Dr. Kelvin, “Medical missions is merely a tool. When we go to heaven, what’s important is God’s Word and His people.“ Adds Dr. Richard , “It’s not how many miles away from Singapore but being aware that our lives on earth is transient. As such, we must be careful how we spend our time.” Asked what is one advice he would give aspiring missionaries, his answer was “Be faithful to the Lord!”

The medical students went home with a different mindset on what serving the Lord in the mission field is about – ultimately, it is not the place, but the heart’s response to the Lord that matters. Perhaps, Deborah a fourth-year medical student sums it up best. “ When the Lord calls, He gives us the grace to leave everything and to go to the nation. Otherwise, wherever we are, that is our mission field.”