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ES2 Orientation

by Ms. Ann To
Date: 17-Jan-09 Saturday

The E2S training programme was well attended by fourth-year medical students who will be heading to India, Africa, Cambodia and China for their electives. Dr. Amos Loh started the ball rolling by introducing the E2S programme and its objectives. He also shared certain encounters he had experienced during his own medical student elective to Nepal. This was followed by a session on cross-cultural communications by Mr. Lawrence Ko who gave us insights on how to approach our electives in terms of understanding the cultural context of the place we were going to. After this, some of our seniors who are doctors shared about the lessons God taught them during their electives and gave us valuable advice regarding our preparation and expectation for the trip. The afternoon concluded with Dr. Tan Lai Yong sharing about the need to realize that rapid changes are taking place in the cultural context of the mission field.