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Photos from the MMF Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner 2016 have been uploaded.

Photos of
12th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(27 July 2016)

Photos of
11th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(29 July 2015)

Photos of
10th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(27 Julu 2015)

Photos of
9th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(9 October 2013)

Photos of
8th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(27 June 2012)

Photos of
7th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(25 May 2011)

Photos of
6th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(26 May 2010)

Photos of
5th MMF Fund-Raising Golf Tournament & Dinner
(12 Aug 2009)



Medical Missions Foundation - MMF


  1. Is it really true that more doctors are now serving in overseas missions?
  2. Hasn't CMDF been supporting missionary doctors?
  3. Where does MMF get its funding?
  4. How will MMF funds be used?
  5. Shouldn't the home-churches be raising the support?
  6. Who will be eligible for MMF support?
  7. Who administers the funds?
  8. How can I help?
  9. Who do I talk to?

Trekking with locals

Is it really true that more doctors are now serving in overseas missions?
Yes, 17 Singaporean doctors and dental surgeons are presently serving in Nigeria, Tanzania, Cambodia, Indonesia, Central Asia, China and Middle East. Three missionary doctors are presently home for theological training or for personal/family reasons, with intention to return to the field. The CMDF holds regular meetings for a group of 10-15 doctors preparing seriously to serve in medical missions. And that's not counting 22 doctors serving in churches as pastors or working with para-church organisations located in Singapore.

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Chow Hsun Tau with friends in Niger

Hasn't CMDF been supporting missionary doctors?
Although CMDF has always contributed in a modest way towards missionaries, support is uncertain and depends on pledges from a few oncerned/ interested members. With MMF, we are able to maintain a more sustained support and also to respond more effectively to urgent requests from the field. Over the years, the medical missionaries have expressed their deep-felt gratitude for the encourgement and support shown by the Christian medical fraternity through the MMF.

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Dental Treatment

Where does MMF get its funding?
MMF raise its funding for the missionary doctors by organising Annual Golf Tournament, Fund-Raising dinner and donation from individuals and corporations.

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Dr Tan Lai Yong with village doctor

How will MMF funds be used?
Support will vary according to personal/family needs. It goes towards general expenses, travel and deputation expenses, CME-related costs and other professional activities. However, MMF funds are not geared towards supporting mission agency infrastructure or for equipping of mission hospitals. The MMF committee gives some leeway to the individual missionary as to how the funds should be allocated or diverted according to changing circumstances in the field.

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Dr Jeffrey Lum in clinic

Shouldn't the home-churches be raising the support?
Certainly! MMF/CMDF is just one of several partners in this venture. The home-church is the principal support base. Peers/friends are another important group. MMF aims to complement rather than take over. Generally, a larger grant will be allocated to the missionary-doctor who comes from a small church-group.

We believe missionary-doctors have special needs which are not part and parcel of the general allocation in a missions agency. Examples are renewal of practising licence with Singapore Medical Council, medical defence fees, CME upgrading, travel grants for medical conferences, subscription to medical journals or medical websites etc. Over the years, MMF has managed to increase its annual allotment because of the generosity of the local Christian community : $104,000 (Yr 2005), $123,000 (Yr 2006), $172,000 (Yr 2007), $187,000 (Yr 2008).

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Dental Work in Village

Who will be eligible for MMF support?
It will be used to support Christian medical or dental graduates who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents and who wish to serve as cross-cultural missionaries either in medical or other Christian work.

MMF will also support medical missionaries who are posted back to Singapore by their mission organisation to do full-time Christian work after a period of posting overseas.

Short-term missionary work (those of less than one-year duration ) will not be considered but ‘tent-makers' in creative access nations are eligible. Funds will not be used for lay-theological training but medical missionaries undergoing theological training can seek funding. If funds are limited, preference will be given to CMDF members.

Foreign medical missionaries do not come within the MMF purview. Foreign doctors residing in Singapore for theological training, medical apprenticeship or mission organisational postings also do not qualify. Instead, CMDF will be the appropriate organisation to provide support for any such worthy causes/personnel.

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Dr Tan Teng Kok speaking to doctors

Who administers the funds?
MMF funds are separately administered by the MMF Committee (called Board of Advisors in the Trust Deed ), which advises the Board of Trustees (appointed by the CMDF Executive Committee). The MMF Committee comprises CMDF doctors and dental surgeons, together with a Christian lawyer and a Christian accountant to assist in the legal and financial aspects of the fund.

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Kibosho Casualty Room - Africa

How can I help?
You can help by informing the MMF of any missionary doctor or dental surgeon serving overseas, even if they are well-supported by their churches and do not require financial support. We want a full list for contact purposes and for medical students who seek elective attachments to mission-hospitals. Besides, CMDF/MMF is always looking out for missionary doctors on home-visits to speak at CMDF gatherings.

You can help organise a support-group among Christian doctor-peers (medical year-cohort) to raise funds for the MMF. This is especially relevant if one of your batch-doctors is serving in the mission-field. Class-representatives are needed to help the committee maintain links with the field-workers.

Consider making a legacy towards this project. You can help sustain the missions work by making donations. Cheques to be made payable to “Medical Missions Foundation” and mail to: 420 North Bridge Road, #05-07, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727.

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Treating patient in Niger

Who do I talk to?
You can send an e-mail to and or talk to any member of the MMF Committee or CMDF Committee.

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