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ICMDA Regional Meeting in Singapore

by Dr. Daryl Hackland
Date: 2-May-09 Saturday

As the work expands, the International Christian Medical and Dental Association’s (ICMDA) process of regionalisation serves to strengthen the bonds of unity between member organisations and contact groups. It was encouraging and exciting to meet in Singapore with representatives from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar.

The meeting also launched the 10th and 11th regions of South East Asia and East Asia. We shared moving reports of the work in Christian hospitals and fellowship groups, and considered ways in which the ICMDA can lend support. Each region will soon have a Regional Committee, a Regional Secretary and Area Student Rep (student/junior graduate regional secretary).

Drs. Goh Wei Leong and Heng Chang Chen were also elected as acting regional secretaries for South East Asia and East Asia respectively. They are to take forward the process of regionalisation. Having these regions will benefit the extension of our Lord’s work within the health profession and services of each country