Here are some books that you may be interested in.

The Doctor's Life Support 5

The Doctor's Life Support 5 is a daily devotional written by Christians in healthcare from around the world, with contributions from our very own in Singapore. Each reading begins with Scripture, where each author shares a personal application from their own life experience or meditation. This is the 5th edition in the series and was published to coincide with the 17th ICMDA World Congress in Arusha Tanzania, in July 2023.

Practice By the Book: A Christian Doctor's Guide to Living and Serving

Practice By the Book is a compendium of pastoral and practical guidance written by doctors on how to live a life guided by biblical principles. It covers the waterfront of life; from professional to personal, from character to money, from caring for the poor to caring for their families.

Carry the Spices - Singaporean Doctors in Medical Missions and Pastoral Ministry

This book is a collection of 28 essays by 24 Singaporean medical doctors and dental surgeons whom the Lord has called to carry “spices” to the communities both locally and beyond. These professionals learnt that the obstacles and challenges in healthcare in poverty-stricken regions are immense and the issues complex but found that God asked them only to be faithful and obedient – to carry the “spices” and He will remove the obstacles. So they went to serve in Africa, East Asia, Central and South Asia, South-East Asia and Singapore.